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Large Phalaenopsis Orchid Drop-In

Large Phalaenopsis Orchid Drop-In

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I chose this for My Curated Christmas List 2023 because of the quality and beauty. It takes me a great deal of time and effort to find these faux orchids. They must have the perfect combination of flower, leaf, stem, and base to meet my standards.- Chuck Chewning

100% realistic- a perfect copy of nature. This drop-in is a no-maintenance work of art. Right down to the carefully crafted root ball, just as nature designed.

Interior use only.
Dust with dry cloth.
Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

Sizes available:

  • 30" High; Root Ball: 5.5" H x 8" D
  • 36" High, Root Ball: 9" H x 11" D
  • 44: High, Root Ball: 8" H x 9" D

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